studentsResearch and Resources. The Center provides important resources for graduate and undergraduate students at UNC Charlotte and at colleges and universities worldwide. In addition to providing a library containing over 500 volumes and an online journal database, CGPR can answer students’ questions about global public relations or recommend resources elsewhere.

Study Abroad. Every summer, a public relations seminar is offered in the United Kingdom. More information is available here.

Undergraduate degree program. Students interested in global public relations will find excellent career preparation in UNC Charlotte’s undergraduate program in Communication Studies. Students in the public relations track can also earn an undergraduate certificate in International Public Relations, and those who qualify can apply for the Joe S. Epley Scholarship in International Public Relations. We also provide internships and volunteer opportunities for students interested in a hands-on experience in the world of global public relations. Additional information is available here.

Graduate degree program. Master’s students who study two semesters at UNC Charlotte can spend their third semester studying international public relations at such universities as Oreboro University in Sweden; Manchester Metropolitan University in England; and Zeppelin University in Germany. Additional information on the M.A. program is available on the Communication Studies page.

International teamwork. Students enrolled in the international public relations class participate in the GlobCom project, which includes 11 universities in 10 countries on five continents. Students are grouped into international teams that develop and submit public relations strategies.