Available for Charlotte area students interested in gaining experience in the global public relations area, our volunteer program:

  • offers a real-world professional environment that provides a range of experience typical in public relations practice,
  • provides opportunities for the application of knowledge learned in the classroom,
  • enhances and develops students’ sills related to the public relations practice,
  • builds on students’ strengths in public relations practice to help them overcome their professional weaknesses,
  • provides opportunities to work with public relations professionals and understand the profession from the perspectives of practitioners in addition to scholars/educators, and
  • helps these students decide whether the public relations field is a suitable career choice.

In the past, volunteer tasks have included production of publications, strategic planning, event planning, visibility plan, and global public relations research.

To learn more about volunteering, email the Center at CenterGPR@uncc.edu.

An application is available in the Center. Online formats include PDF and Word. Please bring your completed application by the Center or email it to CenterGPR@uncc.edu.